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This is the "Staff Tech Info" page of the "Schoo Middle School Library" guide.
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Schoo Middle School Library  

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Staff Tech Info Print Page

Help ticket link

Link to LPS help ticket system

If it saves you time you could instead, send an email to: help@lps.org and explain the problem as thoroughly as possible.

Please also submit a ticket for anytime you see computer issues in a lab. Feel free to Copy hstein@lps.org or ajorgen@lps.org if you think we should be aware of it.


Labs troubleshooting

Computer Lab Troubleshooting


Problem - students were having to hold down keys until the letter showed up on the login screen.  Once logged in there is no issues.
Solution - On the login screen press and hold the following keys - command - option - F5.  Hold the keys a few seconds until a new window pops up.  (I have attached a screen shot for you to reference.)  Make sure all of the boxes are unchecked.

Funny thing - if you try to adjust these once logged in under the system preferences, it does not work.  You have to do this before logging into the computer.


Xerox printing info

Changing double or single sided- VIDEO 



Presets not showing when printing from computer?

If you are having to enter in your ID number and accounting code, because your presets don’t show up when in the Print Dialogue, restart your computer (might be a good thing to do anyway).  You should only need to do this once.

If getting error from Word using Macbook

Save your Word document as a PDF then print.  This is a driver issue that I was told is being resolved


Go to File and select Save AsScreenshot 2016-02-15 09.34.56.png


Google Drive Tips and troubleshooting

Google Classroom- link so you can see the staff classroom with archives of Heather's great tips and tricks

setting the visibility of google drive items (so other people in district can/cant see your things)

Google Voice Typing Lots of great possibilities- used in our Spanish and French classes. or to check reading fluency.

Creating student portfolios on google drive for student led conferences

(Or LPS jump code: OG5P)

How to work offline in google docs when you have no internet connection

How to print from Google Drive without downloading!
***Click on PRINT USING SYSTEM DIALOG.. Or for a keyboard shortcut click command + option + p 

Multiple Chrome logins

LPS tech

For prof learning


Apple TV/Projector troubleshooting

Apple TV troubleshooting doc from meeting

If you cant get sound out of your projector (and the volumet is up) try THIS LINK

Sound settings- apple tv vs hard wired to the wall


Video Tutorials

Split your screen (so you can work on one screen, while projecting something else)


Using Audio System

Tips for Getting Started with your mic

  • Write your room number in sharpie on BOTH mics
  • Wear the teacher mic (“teardrop” – on the lanyard) every day.
  • Position the teacher mic approximately close- about 4-6 inches from the mouth. Be careful that it isn't knocking against jewelry etc.
  • Make sure the volume is set correctly. As a general rule, if you can hear yourself through the speakers, the volume is too high.  The speaker is about CLARITY not VOLUME.  The mic will spread sound more evenly around the room, even if you think of ourself as someone who "doesn't need it".
  • Charge the teacher mic nightly. (Make sure that the charger is plugged in right side up – the arrow on the body of the microphone, and the connector should match up)
  • POWER OFF your mic when you LEAVE THE CLASSROOM -it will get ‘picked up’ by other classrooms as you walk by!
  • Any audio run through the project is already wired into the speakers.
  • Mute the mic when they are showing anything with audio through the projector.  If you forget, every time you breathe hard or clear their throat, it cuts out the other audio.  
  • To Mute:  one-quick click of power button mutes the mic (puts a blue light on over the word own) and holding the power button down turns the mic off (green light next to battery turns off).
  • If you have students with hearing impairments that require the teacher to wear a mic, you will have to wear both as one system does not feed the other.
  • You will have to Bring your own mic (BYOM) to use the systems installed in computer labs and team centers.

IF troubleshooting tips DON'T work

What if you go through the problem-solving tips and you still can’t get something to work?  

  1. Email Heather hstein@lps.org

  2. Heather will respond when she is available with any other possible quick fixes or will instruct you to move to entering a help ticket

  3. Conduct your class with alternate plans or whatever work around you can come up with in the meantime.(remember that the troubleshooting guides will always be up to date so be sure to check it even if you’ve read it in the past)

Before you use a new tool

Tools/add on's/ extentions/ website tools

Addition info here   Example of how to answer questions here

Current list of approved and in process tools

Answer the BIG 5

If ANY of the responses to the questions below are YES, fill out the form found at the link below:

  1. Is this tool a Chrome or iPad app, or a Chrome extension to be installed on a district student device?
  2. Does the tool (app, web service or extension) require student accounts?
  3. Do you plan on using this tool to save student data like grading, behavior or IEP progress monitoring?
  4. Is there a minimum age requirement listed in the “terms of service”  or "privacy statement" for the tool?
  5. Is there a cost (either now or in the future) associated with the tool?

* This process is part of our legal responsibility regarding the use of instructional technology tools.

Email hstein@lps.org if you have a request for a tool

*Form to request Mrs. Steiner help you with tech for a lesson


ELMO/ Document camera troubleshooting

Elmo/ Doc cam troubleshooting



 Turning off computer sleep mode

Document Camera - Computer Sleep Mode

  1. You may want to turn the sleep mode off on your computer, especially when using the document comera
  2. Go to System Preferences
  3. Got to Energy Setting
  4. In both the battery and power adapter - set it to never.  You can set it to a specific time too.


getting the NEW software

To get the software for your document camera to work with a ceiling mounted projector:

Read the directions on this link 


Avervision brand    ELMO brand     ipevo 

Avervision troubleshooting from the manufacturer

Avervision F50 exposure problem video download

ipevo brand software



Chromebook Help tickets

How to do a chromebook help ticket

1) Go to the media center webpage     Wp.lps.org/mediaschoo


2) Click on “Chromebook repair” – green box



3) Login with your student number and password

4) Click “New”



5) In “Title” type a short phrase about the problem “Battery wont charge” or  “Cracked screen” etc

6) In the summary explain

       a) What is wrong

       b) How it happened (if you know, or have an idea) – especially if it involves another student

       c) What you have already tried to do to fix it.

       d) push “submit”


7) Bring your chromebook down to the media center- IN it’s bag for safety- and we will check that your help ticket went in and give you a loaner until yours is returned.


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